The coaching training courses that I have been doing at Regen Palmer’s have allowed me to do as mine several aptitudes that, if I take care of them, I will be able to develop and put into practice these aptitudes in most of the moments of my life. These splendid teachers have made me discover essential aspects of the emotional intelligence, such as have confidence in oneself, the optimism, the leadership, the comprehension and the communication.

Fernando Bastida
Inter Argent


The support of these coaches mainly helped me to focus on which parts of my company/project are priority; and consequently I have achieved a major productivity and also the tranquility that it is under control. Thank you Girls!

Pilar Raventós
Family Banker

The two coaching levels that I have studied at Regen Palmer’s have helped me a lot, not only with all the knowledge that I have acquired but also in a personal way. Nowadays I feel stronger, I know how to control my emotions and I feel happier. Thank you so much for all the things that you have taught me.

Deborah Bunan