Mercedes Jiménez is the head of Regen Palmer, and his team is made up of professionals committed to helping people to achieve their objectives, both personal and professional.

Professional career

Mercedes Jiménez is the owner of Regen Palmer. For the last 12 years, she has streamlined executives with their corresponding companies, mediating in their actions and generating a high degree of understanding in the areas of emotional and social intelligence.Her task is to reestablish the relationships between the organization’s members, unblocking conducts and attitudes which do not generate positive results and substituting them with others which contribute towards improving results.


  • Secretary of the Asociación Española de Psicología y Pensamiento Humanista (Spanish Association of Psychology and Humanist Thinking)
  • International Coach Federation: Associate Certified Coach (PCC)
  • 2013 Learning to Grow Program  (IESE)
  • 2010 Trained in Executive Coaching (ECS)
  • 2009 Qualified in Psychology Applied to Organizations
  • 2008 Organizational Coaching Processes Certification (Augere Foundation)
  • 2008 Presentation Techniques Master’s Degree (Trainer’s Training) PNL (Gestalt         Institute)
  • 2007 Executive Development Master’s Degree at Amadeus Talentos
  • 2007 Training in Strategic Communication and Problem Solving by Giorgio Nardone
  • 2006 Executive Coaching Certification at Quantum for Change
  • 1998 Protocol Master’s Degree (Barcelona International School)
  • 1997 Negotiation and Company Management Techniques Certification at Barcelona Activa
  • 1996 Business Initiation Certification at Barcelona Activa
  • 1993 Company Consolidation Certification at Barcelona Activa