Growing to help others grow

Growing to help others grow” is a training program aimed at leaders decided to gain a deeper insight into the integration of Coaching’s capacities to create high-performance teams. This training is directed both to those seeking training to become coaches as well as to those who play the role of leader-coach within an organization. In order to achieve the desired aims, we offer a pluridisciplinary curriculum which includes tools belonging to different specific areas.


We integrate the key elements which help to make up the coach and the leader-coach’s reality.
Internacional Coach Federation (ICF)



What is it to BE COACH?
IDENTITY dimension. It’s not the same to do coaching than to BE COACH. Build up your vision to share it in your environment.

What does a COACH DO?
IMPACT dimension. Establish the difference. Incorporate, integrate and metabolize new trainings to act in a natural and precise manner. BE THE ONE TO GENERATE CHANGE.
What does a COACH HAVE?
TECHNICAL dimension. Incorporate the useful and basic tools which drive growth BOTH OF THE BEING AND OF THE DOING.

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